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The results of the Third Hyprland Census

20 VII 2023


A while back we've conducted the third hyprland census, now it's time to reveal the results. No PDF this time because 1) I am lazy and 2) nobody was using them. Straight to the point, no bullshit.


As usual, we start with the people.

Not much has changed, again, males under 25. What a surprise.

I've added a new question there just to see whether the survey spreads outside Hypr Development. Unsurprisingly, no.

Question 1

The amount of r/unixporn goes down (from 56% to 44%) and youtube goes up to 22%. Not a surprise, again, as the entirety of r/unixporn knows about Hyprland by now, with some just refusing to acknowledge its superiority.

Question 2

Week of Hyprland. The population of Hyprland-only daily drivers is increasing. 65% -> 73%.

As usual, let's comment on some people brave enough to answer "no"

I am unable to get it working on Fedora.


Need screen sharing for work and it's still not very good with Nvidia

Heard you need a patch or two.

I've got an nvidia card, and one day it just went black and stopped working.

Novideo at its finest

poor integration w xwayland

I think this was made before force_zero_scaling was impl'd

waiting for ipc to support background window title change events :P


Debian doesnt have hyprland pkg and i dont want to build from souce every update or two


Question 3

Actual changes this time, wow.

Last time, 61% voted for eyecandy, 19% for configurability, the rest were very fractured.

This year, we get a lot of people who just commented "everything", (thanks) but also we can see performance is stagnant. No wonder, it won't be with 0.28.0 though hehehehe

Question 4

Bugs are decreasing as usual, this time from 29% to 16%, but the "lack of stability" option could be treated as the same. "There is none" is growing, nice. Performance has a negligible change.

Question 5

Interesting, as bugs have been equalized by "more features". I wonder what do people even want by this point to be honest from a tiling window manager, lol. Performance has gained some voters (7% -> 17%) and has already been addressed and staged for 0.28.0. :)

Question 6

More people support Hyprland now, expected as the project grows. The distribution did not change significantly.

Question 7

From this question onwards, these are all new.

We'll see how this moves over the censuses. So far, 8-9 seems pretty good.

Question 8

It's nice to see that at least 20% of the people made a sane choice to use Hyprland.

Question 9

Threw in just out of curiosity. 70% of people would not complain, interesting.

Question 10

We did get a mascot, even if 42% voted for no. :)


Community is growing, wants wayland to be cool, especially the non-de experience.

I continue delivering, it seems.

Thank you to all of you for all the support over the months and to everyone who participated, as usual.

Questions, comments, mistakes? Ping me a mail at vaxry [at] and I'll get back to ya.