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New Blog Design

24 II 2023


Hello hello and welcome after a short break.

I have now decided that it was high time to update the blog's design. The previous one was definitely bad. It wasn't terrible, but it was pretty bad.

The issues with the old design

The previous design had two glaring issues:

The first one is self-explanatory. If you have been a witness of the old design, I am sorry for your eyeballs. Heh.

The second one was caused by the plexus that was behind the website. Thank god younger me decided to turn it off in the reader!

The new design follows a more minimalistic methodology, and is mostly simple, easily readable and clean. I have chosen the Tokyo Night color pallete as it's one of my favorites (I hate catpuccin)

I have also made all images have an opacity of 0.8 so that the white background on them doesn't literally fry your retinas that much.

Changes to the backend

I have always despised modern frontend tools, like JS frameworks and all the weird garbage y'all come up with nowadays.

If you thought's backend is simple cuz it uses express.JS and ejs, this is even more caveman.

However, since writing articles in pure html was slowly being a bit annoying, I have finally switched to writing my articles in markdown. This allows me to more easily add formatting, images, headers, etc. while also keeping consistency and readability.

Finally I can attach images with ![](./path/to/image.png) instead of...

...yeah. Way better, isn't it.

Upcoming changes

I don't have anything major planned for the frontend/backend for now, but I might keep tweaking a thing or two if anything is annoying to me.

I have finally moved the website into a github repo, as up till now it's just been a local directory on my desktop. Very bright and intelligent of me to not have a git repo, right?

Questions, comments, mistakes? Ping me a mail at vaxry [at] and I'll get back to ya.