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The Results of the Second Hyprland Census

05 XII 2022


After a few days of the census starting, I've now received over 200 responses (206 to be exact) and I want to thank everyone who has partaken in the Census. Y'all are awesom- I mean, hypr!

Now, with all of the replies, I will go through them one at a time, comparing them to the last Census and sharing my thoughts on them.

As usual, you can download the report in a PDF format here.


First of all, as usual, let's glance over the demographics of the participants.

Compared to last year's 82% of men, this time we have gotten 86%. Small, but insignificant change. I'd say it's about the same, as expected, with the vast majority being men. Age has also not changed in the slightest.

This would imply the demographics are not changing. I'd argue this is a good chart to illustrate the entire Linux userbase as well. Mostly young men.

Question 1

Although r/unixporn is still by far dominating, it has fallen from last time's 71% down to 56%. This is a good thing, and shows that other places on the internet are slowly realizing of Hyprland's existence. I am going to predict that by Census III, r/unixporn will fall below 50%.

Question 2

A great and positive change from last time. Previously, only 46% of respondents ticked "Yes, as my only daily driver". This has gone up to 65%! Well, it probably is not that surprising, considering Hyprland is getting better and better, and most people that answered "No" before usually had issues with bugs and stability, which have been majorly improved over time.

As previously, let me answer to some replies of people who selected "No":

“Do not want to constantly "fix" config due to updates. Waiting for more stable release.”


“NVIDIA hates me”

Yeah sucks. Hope you get AMD soon.

“Because there is no package available in the Fedora Repo's and I dont feel like compiling. Especially because its still experimental and therefore would need a lot of constant updates.”

There is a package in the COPR afaik.

“All XWayland applications have blurry text in fractional scaling.”

Forgot to read the wiki? But yeah I agree that this not working OOTB is annoying, but it's not up to me.

Most of the other replies were either garbage like “yes” or not very quotable like “Windows user as gaming is impossible on Linux”.

Question 3

Eyecandy again taking the #1 spot by a landslide. Interestingly, performance and configurability have gained more responses this time around and eyecandy has dropped from 71% to 61%.

Question 4

Now this I like. Let me just show last year's results:

Bugs have dropped massively from 47% to 29%, and "there is none" and "difficult to say" take up over 31% now cumulatively. The wiki has also surged a bit, to 7%, which means we got more liars this time around.

This proves that the last census was a success. You asked for me to fix bugs, I delivered.

Question 5

Another major difference. Let me bring last year's results for comparison:

"Fixing bugs" has been sliced in half, "adding more options" dropped as well, "optimizing the code" is barely visible, and a whopping 41% want more protocols already available elsewhere. Last time only 9% selected that!

A result of this can already be seen, as Window Sharing is almost fully merged. (which answers this concern)

Question 6

This is a new question I put up, just out of curiosity. Not much to say. Just interested.


Summarizing, it's clear that the community is now more content with the performance and stability, and wants wayland to just become as usable, if not more, as KDE, Gnome, and most importantly, Xorg.

I'll strive to accomplish that with all I can, but I cannot make any promises. Everything I can do, I will try to. I also try to be active in wayland-protocols and wlroots wherever I can, if that means pushing the ecosystem forward.

Thank you for all the support over the months and to everyone who participated.

Questions, comments, mistakes? Ping me a mail at vaxry [at] and I'll get back to ya.