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Addressing some common Hyprland complaints

13 X 2022


In before Brodie Robertson releases his promised Hyprland video in two years (probably lol) I decided to address some common complaints regarding Hyprland here. Hope you enjoy this massive rant about idiots.

Hyprland's developer(s) are very unprofessional!

Ok, and? Honestly, although I understand where those people come from, I don't see an issue here. Open source is what it is - open source. It's MY project and there are MY rules regarding how we function. If you don't like that, you can kindly piss off or make your own fork. I feel like some people nowadays got VERY used to getting FOSS projects for free and expect all the support and features they request to be resolved asap. They're definitely not the majority - far from that, but they still exist. I am also a human, and since I don't work for a company, but pursuit my passion in bringing y'all something cool, I am allowed to respond however I please. Believe me, you can spot such people really easily and they get on your nerves really fast.

I am fully aware of my personality being a bit asshole-istic and overly cynical, but that's just me and I have no obligation to try and spend my energy deleting that "fuck off" and replacing it with "please, kindly try to avoid such remarks".

Hyprland is a buggy mess!

Hyprland has its fair share of bugs, yes, but so does everything. Please keep in mind Hyprland is 6 months old and already has more features than pretty much any other Wayland Compositor out there. Features don't magically add themselves, and since (contrary to popular belief) I am also just a human, I make mistakes.

You can easily see for yourself I am probably the most active and responsive developer from any Wayland Compositor projects, so if you are kind enough to take those 15 minutes out of your truly busy day to provide me with relevant information I will gladly look into your issue and try to fix it whenever I find it fitting.

Recently, since Hyprland is gaining popularity faster and faster, I am no longer able to keep up with issues. I have to prioritize easy fixes and critical bugs. Sorry.

Hyprland chugs resources like crazy!

It doesn't. Keep yourself up to date and make proper controlled tests.

The wiki is so unreadable!

It's very readable and easy to understand, provided you actually read it. Most of you, that is sleep deprived, 16yo teenagers with an average attention span of 17s, do not read the wiki and just skip over chunks of text. No way, maybe it actually has a purpose of being there?

The config format sucks!

Grow up. Not everything has to be like [insert your favorite format]

That would be it for today's rant, thank you all for coming to my TED talk. From more personal stuff, recently bought some new switches, stabs and keycaps for my keyboard. Can't wait for them to come! :^) The switches are Neapolitan Ice Creams, if anyone's interested. Will report back when all is assembled.

See ya next time, cheers.

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